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Online GPs to make your life easier.

The NHS recently released a statement which promises that every patient in England will be able to access an online GP consultant within the next five years. Is it not time we had access to a digital doctor?

It’s not just online dating apps that you need to swipe on, soon you could be quickly talking to your GP in confidence with just a few swipes on your smartphone. Recently the NHS launched an NHS app where you can do a variety of things such as book appointments, check your symptoms and even order your prescriptions and know what time you need to collect them. As well as all these convenient options, the NHS has revealed a new online GP service called GP at Hand.

These new steps have been implemented to make medical care more accessible when you need it and it allows for you to book and keep track of your appointments and medication.

Patients could receive better care online with their 10 minute appointments and take less time off from work and save valuable time if they could do this from the comfort of their workplace or home.

If you do need to be seen in person, the online doctor will refer you back to your NHS GP but this app will cut down on waiting times at the doctors surgery as more patient care will be taken care of online.

More and more doctors and patients will be in favour of this as it’s convenient for everyone to have all their past consultation notes in one place. It allows for more doctors to work remotely.

But as well as using laptops and iPads to store this patient data they’ll need something which helps them charge these devices in a secure and safe way before rolling this app out. That’s where a LapCabby comes in to help and make doctors’ digital world more secure and easy. The NHS has the freedom to choose a compact, portable or static unit from our range to protect and secure patient data on mobile devices. They can easily charge any mobile device and not worry about running out of battery at any point which will alleviate concerns about working online all day on different devices.

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  • User Code is any 6 digit single entry code that can be input to lock and unlock a single compartment, once unlocked the lock will reset ready for the next user
  • Technician Code is a factory default code to be reset upon first use to ensure security, this code allows access to any compartment if a User Code is forgotten
  • Master Code is a factory default code for each lock that will restore the digital lock back to factory its setting, removing access using any previous codes installed