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The gender gap in finance is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Here at LapCabby we pride ourselves as being a gender equality workplace. The president of LapCabby is a woman and research has shown that female business owners build better workplace relationships and reduce company expenditure.  Our senior management team is made up of 50% women that has given our company a seasonal approach. But it’s no secret that in other businesses, female talent is often ignored and not used as an efficient business resource.

At LapCabby we understand that both men and women can bring different skills to the table and our onsite factory.

In finance, often as careers take off the female representation in this industry declines. That’s not the case though for our Finance Manager, Jenny Elliott.

Jenny said: “Only a quarter of senior financial positions are held by women and with that statistic comes the fact that gender pay inequality in finance is one of the widest, with the second-largest gap of all industries in the UK.

“This makes me even prouder of what I have achieved to date and will continue to push me to become the best finance manager possible, not only for LapCabby but also in my field. Confidence is key for me, but I’m always willing to try something new and I am open to suggestions from my team. No two days are the same and as LapCabby continues to grow, I will not only continue to enhance my skills set to grow with the company but also develop my team to the best of their ability.

“I look forward to helping make important decisions about the company’s future and being able to supply evidence to support the facts and figures. I chose this career from a young age and regardless of gender I believe if you work hard and stay focused there may be set backs along the way but with the right attitude and outlook on life you can achieve your goals. Although there is a gender gap in other companies, this isn’t the case at LapCabby. I am proof that with hard work and determination women can juggle having a family but also continue to have a successful career.’’

It’s important that women are unapologetic in fighting for the career they want. It’s refreshing to see more women in senior roles across the world, and the future is brighter for women in finance. When women thrive, businesses will thrive too.


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