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LapCabby Founder Embarking on Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

LapCabby are beyond proud to announce that Founder; Andy Harrhy, is about to embark on a Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in the personal endurance challenge of a lifetime. This isn’t any ordinary race; it lasts 11 months (excluding the many weeks of training), it’s not glamourous or luxurious, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, as well as dangerous and physically draining – “a race without equal”. The race consists of 11 identical, compact 70-foot yachts, a total of 43 men and 17 women aged between 18 and 72 make up the entire ‘GoToBermuda’ crew, led by Skipper; David Immelman. Only 20 crew plus skipper and AQP (additional qualified person) are on the yacht at a time, some crew do part of the journey and changeover at docking intervals, Andy however, has signed up as a ‘circumnavigator’ and will be doing the entire race. The crew onboard will live in close confinement working together around the clock to circumnavigate their boat through treacherous conditions and keep one-another safe. They cook in a tiny kitchen space using ‘long shelf-life food’, sleep in hammocks and only shower and make contact with family when the boat docks (which isn’t often!).

When asked what drove Andy to take on such a massive challenge he said: “To inspire my young grandsons, I want them to know anything is achievable regardless of age. But I’m also not ready to ‘settle down’ and do the traditional retirement thing just yet, I’ve already gone halfway around the world on a motorbike, but now I want to test my limits and this was ‘thee’ race to do that.”

Andy’s decided to take this opportunity to raise money and awareness for ‘Fight for Sight’ – a charity that means a lot to him and his family – read more about this on the ‘Just Giving’ page . Please show support for Andy’s cause and donate – anything you can give to this incredible cause would be so gratefully received.

The race commences from St Katharine’s Docks in London at 13:30 UK time on this Sunday (01/09/2019) – this part of the journey is ‘The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg’ and covers crossing the Atlantic and heading toward the Canaries. There are 8 legs to the journey, 6 ocean crossings and 40,000 exhausting nautical miles. You can follow Andy’s progress by visiting the ‘Clipper Round the World’ website and finding team ‘GoToBermuda’ on the ‘Race Viewer’.

We will be sure to post the progress of the race and continue to support and cheer Andy on every ‘leg’ of the way!

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