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GO2 Case Interview – Jeffery Maxwell, Tech Education & IT Specialist


LapCabby’s GO² Case has been a popular addition to the extensive storage, charging and syncing range. Its mobile capabilities make for a flexible and functional product. But don’t just take our word for it; we interviewed Jeffery Maxwell, an educator of technology and IT specialist for the Niagara District School Board, Ontario, Canada. He purchased one of the very first GO² Cases and we wanted to find out how he got on with it.

Jeffery first met LapCabby at the ‘CanConnect’ trade show in Niagara a few years ago when Northern Micro were demonstrating the first prototype of the new LapCabby GO² Portable Charging Case. Within Niagara District School board, LapCabby charging solutions such as the UniCabby carts and Lyte static charging cabinets are already in use. When Jeffery saw the new GO² Case being demonstrated he was ‘drawn in’.

“I liked the LapCabby GO² case-design which looked great for portability. At the time, we were looking at how to store some larger tech devices as well as making them easily mobile between our various facilities.”


Technology is constantly evolving and the need for charging the vast range of electronic devices will only become more demanding in the future. The market is flooded with various tech-device storage products claiming to meet the needs of the end-user and improve productivity. When asking Jeffery about why he decided the GO² Portable Charging Case was the right product for his needs he gave clear insight into his specific, and demanding requirements and what his desired storage unit would need to offer. 

“There’s key features that the GO² Case had that we were looking for; ease of mobility and simplicity of access to devices just to name a few.”

Working in a school environment and servicing the needs of multiple schools across his designated area, Jeffery has a lot of considerations to take into account when investing in the ideal charging, storage and transportation units. There are many boxes to tick.

“The detachable trolley and wheels that accompany the case to transform it into a mobile unit and the ability for it to be physically carried about is an important feature. When you’re looking at charging, storing and transporting more than 58 devices you need that process to be safe; if the kids are moving them or the teachers are moving them, we simply can’t have any type of injury or issue. As well as that, a previous problem with devices was that they didn’t always get properly plugged in and charged overnight. There’s such convenience of having all the chargers easily accessible from the front of the GO² Case, so that in the instance where a student pulls out an uncharged device and says “oh this one’s not charged, I can’t use it”, now they can just plug-in a charger to the front of the case and continue on with the lesson, or the front compartment can be locked with the padlock to prevent access to the power compartment”.

We asked Jeffery about any basis for comparison. He was only too happy to tell us about his other experiences. 

“We’d used another product previously but we had some issues…they weren’t well-suited for mobile use, which was a problem. They didn’t stack well, and they didn’t always accept devices for charging. We also found that when moving them around, any bump would cause the shelves to dislodge and fall inside the unit, so we spent valuable time having to constantly readjust the unit. When working closely with technology, we want it to be seamless and accessible for all, you should be able to just grab it and be ready to use it, so having to overcome these barriers was a stumbling block.”

The Benefits

When making changes and improving a new product to make it better we must first understand the needs of our target market; what they would like to achieve and what an ideal situation looks like. Knowing about Jeffery’s education environment and finding out his targets helps us to better design the existing and future range.

“Another thing we needed to consider is how many devices are required per class. We aim to achieve one device for every 2-2.25 students. But we also need to purchase enough storage units…In Niagara the average class size in elementary is about 25. The goal is to achieve 12-14 devices per class and, ideally, only 1-2 smallish storage units; we don’t want to have to spend too much resource or lose much classroom space. We think this is the ideal number – it means that for a classroom activity where the kids share devices, they’re already set up for it, but if they want to do an activity where a device for each student is required then extra devices can be very easily borrowed from a teaching partner across the hall. With devices belonging to a specific classroom, rather than a storeroom or something, the educator has responsibility for the condition of the devices, ensuring they’re maintained and not damaged.”

Finally, we wanted to know if Jeffery would recommend the GO² Case to other professionals in his field. 

“Yes, I definitely would. It’s a fantastic product, the price-point is exactly where it should be, providing great value for money. This is a big thing in the education sector; using tax-dollars wisely. We want people to have faith in the education system and the way we’re going forward. The GO² Case fulfils all our needs… it can be used as a flexible charging point overnight or during actual lessons, so it’s not limiting the students if a device is found uncharged, just plug in and go – the class can still continue on with what they need to do.”

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  • User Code is any 6 digit single entry code that can be input to lock and unlock a single compartment, once unlocked the lock will reset ready for the next user
  • Technician Code is a factory default code to be reset upon first use to ensure security, this code allows access to any compartment if a User Code is forgotten
  • Master Code is a factory default code for each lock that will restore the digital lock back to factory its setting, removing access using any previous codes installed