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Tech and Learning’s Edtech tools for Schools

Keeping up to date with the latest technology and learning techniques is difficult enough, and add to this the rapidly growing and varying types of edtech tools available to effectively integrate these new technologies – it can be understandably overwhelming.

To aid the struggle of keeping up-to-date with an ever increasing range of tools, the helpful and trusty press team across the pond at Tech & Learning have given us their ‘Whats New’ list of the latest edtech tools for schools.

This includes tools such as collaborative learning applications all the way to innovative virtual reality solutions. Within the hardware category the new LapCabby Locka unit is featured, find out some more on this below and check out our handy spec sheet here.

Locka with BYOD and 1:1LapCabby recently introduced a new range of static and portable ICT storage options, to support mixed device deployments.
Locka by LapCabby is the new range of durable, static ICT storage solutions, for securing and charging a myriad of devices and accommodating a growing mobile user base. Schools can now create a central ‘hub’ for devices including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.
The Locka can be set up in a number of ways wall-mounted, placed on a desktop, or stacked together on the floor.
The range also offers control on the level of access required with digital key pad access, door-per-device for BYOD, or one locked door securing multiple devices.

The UniCabby supports a multitude of devices up to 14,” including Chromebooks, tablets, netbooks and laptops, with or without protective cases. The unique design combines clever cable storage in the rear of the unit with a custom-molded shelf, allowing multiple adaptor exit points, to deliver streamlined and space-efficient cable management.”

Read the article here for the full list of new tools for schools.

Here at LapCabby we’re all for knowledge sharing too – check out our guide to effective device deployment.

  • User Code is any 6 digit single entry code that can be input to lock and unlock a single compartment, once unlocked the lock will reset ready for the next user
  • Technician Code is a factory default code to be reset upon first use to ensure security, this code allows access to any compartment if a User Code is forgotten
  • Master Code is a factory default code for each lock that will restore the digital lock back to factory its setting, removing access using any previous codes installed