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Our favorite picks from the ISTE Connects blog…

As we get ready to head to ISTE 2016 – we thought we would share a few great posts from our friends over at the ISTE Connects blog.

here’s some great reading, if like us you have a long journey to Colorado.

How can we ensure ‘educational games’ are both learning-focused and fun? “The challenge is to find a way to organize, implement, manage, assess, guide and provide ample learning opportunities and still keep games fun.” This is something ISTE says Minecraft do very well, and we wholeheartedly agree!

The conversation surrounding the ‘digital classroom’ of the future is constantly evolving. The choice of technology and the way in which these digital technologies are integrated into learning environments has wide-reaching consequences for students and teachers. Download our top tips guide for successful device deployment and integration to benefit everyone.

7 steps to effectively managing devices in the digital classroom

The family of ISTE Standards works in concert to support students, educators and leaders with clear guidelines for the skills, knowledge and approaches they need to succeed in the digital age.

This post highlights that although finding time for ‘meaningful conversations’ can be difficult, it is essential to educators developing their skills. Educators can follow this handy Infographic for points on how best to connect with educators outside of the school community.

  • User Code is any 6 digit single entry code that can be input to lock and unlock a single compartment, once unlocked the lock will reset ready for the next user
  • Technician Code is a factory default code to be reset upon first use to ensure security, this code allows access to any compartment if a User Code is forgotten
  • Master Code is a factory default code for each lock that will restore the digital lock back to factory its setting, removing access using any previous codes installed