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End of Race 2: Andy Docks in Uruguay

After an incredibly dangerous, difficult and stormy end to the first leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2019, the #GoToBermuda yacht – along with the other 10 vessels – has finally docked safely in Uruguay yesterday very early morning. Sandra reports that the crew looked “shattered and battered” as they pulled into Punta del Este. They had ran out of supplies on the yacht and hadn’t eaten for three days – something many of us can’t even comprehend (thankfully!).

‘A Race Without Equal’ – they weren’t joking! The severity and very real danger involved in this voyage is often down-played by the Clipper website (they are a business after all) but this really is the most extreme endurance test and not something to be taken lightly – the severity of it is far more tangible after these 11 yachts have battled through very real and very current storms and typhoons. All this and the entire fleet of 11 crews have had a mere 4 weeks (albeit intensive) sailing training for this challenge, but nothing could prepare anybody fully for such intense conditions.

Saying that, the teams are handling the many hurdles and set-backs encountered on their travels with impressive skill, all skippers report proud moments when their crew put their training into practice. There are still many months and such a long way to go with more dangers, experiences and stories to follow. Please don’t forget what Andy is doing this immense undertaking in aid of – Fight for Sight – and Andy truly is fighting the elements for this cause. Please donate to Andy’s Just Giving page if you haven’t already.

And remember that you can monitor the Bermuda Team’s progress (and the other yachts too) on the Clipper Round the World ‘Race Viewer‘ page.

Thanks to the Clipper Photography team for our very emotive picture here of Sandra and Andy reunited – what a wonderful moment!

End of Race 2: Andy Docks in Uruguay

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