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Back to School

Are you prepared for the device mix that will land with the new school year?

The back to school period is busy and exciting for students and teachers alike but also a time of spending for parents. A new pair of shoes, a new bag as the other one they wouldn’t be seen dead in, and of course the various sporting and musical equipment needed.

But what about a Laptop, or tablet? A new phone? or Chromebook to access all their homework wherever they can get online? The parameters of the back to school experience have changed, and as well as parents and educators the digital classroom itself must prepare for this flurry of students, tech and device mix that lands with the new term.

Schools need to address whether they have the storage infrastructure for an ever inflating number of devices. As the ratio between students and devices reduces, physical storage of devices will become extremely important in effectively managing this year’s new students, curriculum and devices. Fit for purpose storage and charging must be implemented to support the variety of brands and operating systems as well as one which can scale appropriately to the student-device ratio, from 1:1, 2:1, BYOD and so on. After all what use is a great new tablet if the battery is flat?

This is why at LapCabby we develop future proofed store, charge and sync solutions – to deliver classroom ready devices and support the digital curriculum, every time. (And always with our lifetime product warranty!)

And we’re here to simplify Back to School with our Class of 2016

No matter the device, space or budget we have a solution to store, charge, sync and transport

 UNI20HBL-front-open-trans-UK  LapCabby 20V Purple Open TabCabby 32H  GoCabby Charge and Sync open





Our UniCabby is developed to suit from 20 to 32 devices up to 15”, including Chromebooks, laptops and also tablets, delivering mixed device storage and charging. Every LapCabby offers programmable charging schedules, a range of sizes and colours and deliver effective laptop storage and charging for 16 to 32 devices. Our tablet storage TabCabby unit provides mobile device storage for any kind of tablet device, including iPad, Android and Kindle, secure, charged and organised. Our portable GoCabby is designed to accommodate 16 USB-powered tablet devices including iPad, Android and Kindle.

And the newcomers…

 DeskCabby  Boost+ LYTE10MD-Front-Open-UK  Locka BYOD and 1:1 stack

(Charge Only)

(Charge Only)



Our DeskCabby fits on a desktop with room for up to 12 USB – powered devices. An ideal charge only or charge and sync station for your clients’ classroom. Charge or Charge and Sync 16 devices with the portable Boost+, suitable for all USB-charging devices including smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Floor standing, wall mounted or under a desk, the Lyte delivers storage for 10, 16, 20 or 32 devices from 8” right up to 15”, and offers solutions for 1:1 or BYOD deployments. With Locka your clients can create a central ‘hub’ for devices charging Chromebooks, laptops and tablets – to secure mixed deployments and BYOD users.

Have you seen our 7 step guide to effective mobile device management in the digital classroom?

Discover why the conversation surrounding the ‘digital classroom’ of the future is constantly evolving. The way in which these digital technologies are integrated into learning environments has wide-reaching consequences for students and teachers. Download our top tips guide for successful device deployment and integration to benefit everyone.

Get 7 Step Guide here

And watch out for our next blog on managing BYOD users safely and effectively through storage, security and education, which our Head of New Product Development, Chris Neath, recently discussed this in-depth with our friends over at Independent Education Today check out the full article.

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