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Retail Technology: 8 Reasons you should use tablets in store.

Retail technology is becoming more and more common. Burberry has seen enormous success with in store iPads since introducing them in 2014. Stores like Argos have also created a better in store experience by bringing digital technology to the brick and mortar environment. Customers can view products quickly and easily on screen, check reviews, stock levels and order for home delivery.

Despite success across some of the big high street brands, we are still seeing a slow uptake of in store technology in retail. So, in case you’re still wondering how tablets can help improve your retail environment, here are 8 reasons to adopt:

Digital Display

We all know that physical retail space is expensive, incredibly expensive. A fundamental advantage of online retail is that overheads are much lower than high streets shops. With iPads in store, you can reduce the amount of stock you hold to help save on space and avoid stocking bigger items altogether. Customers can still view the products on the tablets and even see them in context to get a better idea of how it will work for them.

Check out these images against the standard, white background stock image:


It’s visual merchandising without the need for excessive floor space or high maintenance.


Similar to digital display, store associates can demonstrate products through videos on tablet devices. They can show how the product functions, highlight the key USPs and show different variations available where possible. Some online retailers have reported that customers are 144% more likely to purchase if they can see a product video – so it’s fair to say videos are worth their salt.

To help make the sale, associates can also show real customer reviews and rating of a product and compare it to others on the market. This is all research the customer is likely to do themselves, but keeping them in store to do it helps make the buyer journey much quicker and will significantly increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Cheap to install

It’s just a tablet. You don’t need a bulky kiosk or POS, the footprint for this piece of kit is literally the size of your own footprint! The tablet is completely mobile too, so you can meet your customer wherever they are in the store and show them information that is relevant to what they’re looking at. Software upgrades are either free or at a very low cost (depending on your provider) and there are multiple options (from budget to high-end) when it comes to compatible devices like receipt printers, extra displays etc.

Encourage paperless retailing

Carrying on with the budget theme; electronic receipts are much cheaper and easier to manage than paper. You can take the customers email address and have a receipt sent straight to them. Not only does this make the receipt easier to find if something goes wrong but gives you the chance to capture customer information for marketing and loyalty programs.

POP Marketing

Many retailers already use Point-of-Purchase marketing, but they tend to do it badly. Showcasing a completely irrelevant product. With tablets, associates can highlight relevant add-ons, accessories or complimentary products that will not only increase sales but improve the customer experience.

Effective sales associates

This is apparent in most of the benefits listed here but deserves its own heading. When equipped with all the information they could possibly need about the product; variations, delivery options, installation options, bespoke options etc. effective selling because much easier. No longer do customers need to be passed from pillar to post to find the most knowledgeable associate – all their questions can be answered by one person.

Consistency is key

Not only do associates become more effective, but they are more consistent. All associates throughout the store will be working with the same information and software. Therefore, delivering consistently good service will become much easier; training can focus on the core values of the business instead of individual products. For luxury retailers, this is a crucial benefit, time is better spent encouraging employees to communicate their brands personality and ethos as this is a fundamental part of the customer experience.

Take Payment Anywhere in the store.

So, we’ve saved space, but that’s not the only benefit of a mobile POS – taking payments at any point in the store will minimise queues and make the whole experience feel much more streamlined from the customers perspective. It’ll also improve the chance of the customer making the purchase. We expect everything to be quick and easy when it comes to purchasing goods or services. Constantly evolving consumer demands are one of the biggest struggles for high-street retailers. Traditionally it was much more difficult to adapt and respond to change, but as retail technology increases flexibility and agility in brick and mortar retail, traditional stores will become much more responsive.

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