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ALDO and DeskCabby AUS

Aldo is a significant player in the retail industry, with over 3,000 stores worldwide. As an innovative and forwardthinking company, Aldo decided to make the switch to pointof-sale Apple iPads and iPods in-store.

The portable devices enable staff to work on the move within stores, without the need to work at one single fixed point. The other benefits of moving to portable devices include maximising floor space which, in turn, makes way for a larger display of products, the ability to hold less stock, and also the removal of the cash register. In addition, portable devices make it possible for staff to have instant access to the warehouse stock-count, which enables quick ordering of items that are sold-out or low in stock.

The pilot program of purchasing these devices took place in 60 Canadian stores but Aldo also decided to purchase a large number of charging stations. These charging stations were essential to help keep devices fully charged so that they can be used by staff when required.

The Problem

After utilising the point-of-sale devices for 12 months, staff noticed that the battery life had reduced significantly. Even after the devices had been charged, the batteries would not last as long as required which would mean that they would eventually become unusable and therefore redundant.

Aldo contacted Apple and explained the problem, allaying their concerns about the possibility that the devices were defective. However, after investigation, Apple determined the devices were fine and that the charging stations were the problem.

The multi-USB charging stations were only delivering a flat 1.6amps across all USB ports even though an iPad requires 1.0amp while an iPad requires 2.3amp. This meant the iPods were being overcharged, eventually wearing out the battery while the iPads were being undercharged, never reaching full capacity.

Following the diagnosis, Aldo went about searching for a solution. They tested a number of different charging stations with DeskCabby from LapCabby coming out as the best solution.

The Goal and Project Requirements

The project came with a strict set of requirements where Aldo had a test period of two months. The charging solution would be tested in an on-site IT laboratory as a way of ensuring that the technology and battery life could be supported in a way that delivered customer satisfaction.

It was also a requirement that Apple were to inspect and approve the charging stations before the manufacture of 500 units. All units would come in a bespoke colour and Aldo logos to match their brand, which was not a problem for LapCabby.

All of this would be delivered within six weeks of receiving the confirmed purchase orders. Aldo had a very rigid delivery timeframe, which meant LapCabby had to provide 500 charging stations to Canada. All 500 units were delivered by sea and air, on time and in full, with no damages or delays.

After delivery in Canada, LapCabby rolled out the same solution to all UK stores. However, each store had a different delivery date requirement so that it coincided with the relevant preparation works.

Again, the shipments were delivered in full and on time leading to Aldo requesting that LapCabby supply the DeskCabbys to all Aldo stores in France.

The Solution and the Strategy

The solution involved the implementation of a LapCabby DeskCabby Charing Station that utilised Cambrionix U16S USB Intelligent Charge.

This charging system provided a perfect solution to Aldo’s charging needs, that is, enabling each device to be charged to it’s individual specifications via a unique charging system. This system communicates with each device individually. Following initial communication, the system could establish the optimum amount of charge at any given time. This would, in turn, help to enhance battery life, providing improved reliability and efficiency.

The DeskCabby was chosen over other charging systems as they push one flat rate of constant power to all devices. This is where the problem of overcharging and the reduction in battery life begins. The LapCabby DeskCabby Charging Station has built in Intelligent Charge capabilities.

Each of the 12 USB ports reads the exact make and model of device that is plugged in and will provide the right amount of power according to the device. It provided 12 USB ports with 12 different rates of power.

Once the device reaches 100%, the USB port will cease providing full power, instead it will trickle charge. Therefore, never over or under charging. The solution was implemented through an intricate and detailed manufacturing and delivery plan. This ensured all deadlines were met.

Each member of the global LapCabby team was informed of the schedule and where their responsibilities were within the strategy. Through daily team meetings and weekly sign-offs at each stage of the process, the team were able to deliver the project on time. At each stage of the process, Aldo informed to allow them to plan deployment accordingly.

The Result

The entire project was a success and a charging system was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Following the implementation process, as well as Apple testing and approval, the system has had a 100% success rate with no warranty claims.
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