UniCabby 32H


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  • Stores and charges 40 Chromebooks, tablets or laptops up to 14” * all with a small footprint
  • Specially designed shelf with integrated cable management
  • Unique, molded cable clips keeping cables secured at 5 points
  • All the innovative features of LapCabby solutions with the added flexibility of connecting a universal range of devices
  • Portholes that feed cables from the back power compartment to the front of the unit, and pockets to store AC adaptors
  • Tested to the highest health and safety standards and delivered fully assembled with a lifetime warranty
  • Product code: UNICAB40HBL/USA
  • The max storage area per device on a UniCabby is 250mm deep
* The UniCabby range has a device compartment size of 350mm wide x 255mm deep x 30mm high and as such can typically accommodate devices up to 14” if the power socket is to the side of the device, which is common.
If however, the device power socket is to the rear of the device, then an allowance (up to 50mm) must be made for this within the device compartment and this effectively reduces the storage capacity to devices up to 13”.
Please check the compatibility of the devices you wish to store and charge with the device compartment size taking into account the power cable or contact Lapcabby for further assistance.
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From our Universal Range, the UniCabby 40H will store and charge 40 iPad, tablet, laptop, Chromebook or a mix of devices up to 14



LapCabby offers the most thoughtfully designed charging solutions on the market with features built in to make charging your devices easier, faster, safer, cost-effective…and better looking!

Introducing the UniCabby 40H by LapCabby, the award winning horizontal storage and charging cart for 40 devices up to 14 inches including laptops, tablets and chromebooks.

Coloured ergonomic ABS injection moulded handles with ‘soft touch’ coating, make LapCabby easy to manoeuvre. Rounded corner extrusions and rubber bumpers protect the walls and devices when in transit.

A robust dual point locking system for the ultimate security with lock and key located on top of the unit to avoid key breakages during transit. The lock includes a 7-pin activation system, tested by an independent locksmith. The double-sided key has two sets of teeth making the locking system more durable, impossible to pick, substantially increasing security. Inset door handles prevent protruding parts causing damage and breakages.

One IEC mains power cable is designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall before being unplugged preventing trips and falls and damage to the carts electrical system.

Silent charging means no noisy fan. Side vents and a welded mesh base allow constant air circulation keeping devices cool. The built-in heat sensor constantly monitors the inside temperature and in the case of a laptop overheating the sensor will shut the power off until the ideal ambient temperature has been restored.

Large L shaped doors allow full access to the devices during deployment and to the power compartment when loading cables.

Specially designed horizontal shelves, with cleverly designed cable management system, neatly stores and secures charging cables in 5 points and allows for different cable port orientations (long or short side on the device).

Heavy gauge steel binding plate that connects four 5-inch swivel, non-marking hospital grade wheels (2 locking) to the fully welded frame, which completely prevents loosening or buckling of the wheels.

The separate power compartment in the back opens via a concealed handle and contains individual holders for AC adaptors and excess cable preventing over-heating. Specially designed cable clips keep cables tidy and free from damage.

Supplied with Power7 Management System manages the power consumption to ensure power surges do not occur and all devices charge simultaneously. The system also acts as a sophisticated timer allowing three different charging schedules per day, 7-days a week. Power strips turn on one at a time, 1.5 seconds apart to avoid a surge on the power supply.

The LapCabby range is covered by a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty (5 year electrical) and is tested and certified to the UL & CSA Safety Standards
UL: UL 62368-1/2014
CSA: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14

Delivered Fully Assembled.

Dimensions Depth Width Height
Unit 20" 37" 46"
Max storage area per device 9" 14" 1"

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