GoCabby on the go!
  • Stores, charges and simultaneously synchronises up to 16 tablets, with or without cases, using Cambrionix technology
  • Accommodates tablets in protective foam and Velcro straps, keeping them safe in transit
  • Compatible with any USB powered mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers
  • Intelligent charging ensures individual devices get the right amount of power, allowing you to store a mixture of tablet types, and charging to individual devices will shut off when they’re full
  • Easy to install updates ensure you can charge and sync all the latest tablets
  • Telescopic case handle allows easy transportation
  • Tested to the highest health and safety standards and delivered fully assembled with a lifetime warranty
  • Product code: GOCAB16/USA
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Store, charge and sync 16 tablets and 1 laptop, with or without protective cases in the portable and secure GoCabby solution

Dimensions Depth Width Height
Unit 400mm 485mm 795mm
Max storage area per device 32mm 222.5mm 314.5mm (tablets)

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