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How Tech is Changing Healthcare

One of the biggest hospitals in the UK have successfully reduced food waste from 12% to below 5% by using iPads to take orders on wards. All patients now get a choice when it comes to meal times and food stock can be held for an extra week without increasing wastage.

It’s crucial to the long term success of this project that devices are charged and up to date every day. That’s why they chose the UniCabby from LapCabby as their device management solution; keeping devices safe, secure and charged whenever they’re needed.

Healthcare Device Storage

Mobile devices play a huge part in delivering 21st century Healthcare and enable healthcare staff to enhance patient care.

That’s why LapCabby deliver space saving solutions to keep devices with private patient data secure and away from prying eyes yet easily transportable and fully charged for when they are needed most.

LapCabby solutions for Health are compact, to save space in surgeries, labs and on the ward and are designed to be easily transported, secured and cleaned.

Benefits of LapCabby in Healthcare:

  • Ergonomic and compact models
  • Easy to clean to reduce the risk of infection
  • Cost effective models and a lifetime warranty to deliver ROI
  • Desktop storage solutions – perfect for nurses stations
  • Transportable solutions – for devices that need to move quickly and securely
  • Programmable charging schedules ensuring charged devices – around the clock
  • Integrated safety features to protect users and devices
  • Stringently tested to guarantee optimal health and safety compliance

Discover LapCabby solutions for Healthcare

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Some of our health clients include:

  • West Suffolk NHS Trust
  • UCL Institute of Neurology
  • NHS Greater Glasgow And Clyde
  • Luton and Dunstable Hospital
  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
  • Southend University Hospital NHS Found
  • Glaxo SmithKlein
  • Microtest Ltd
  • MESM

"Ultimately, LapCabby units just make life easier. The products are so versatile that I can imagine many companies would find one to suit."

- Terry Jackman, IT Head, Dixons City Academy in Bradford

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