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Off the shelf isn’t good enough for our customers

We are committed to delivering the highest IT storage product quality.

To achieve this we control the complete process from initial design through to the finished product, and even design and manufacture the plastic parts and frames in house.

We pour hours of thought, design time and research into the screws, cable clips, handles, wheels, AC adapter holders, electrical components – everything! Its safe to say the devil is in the LapCabby detail.

The design of every LapCabby unit places health and safety at the forefront of our build process for both users and the infrastructure of the building in which it’s used.

Rounded, rubberized corners reduce the likelihood of damage if the unit bumps into walls, while a combination of sturdy, rubberized wheels with clever construction allow proper weight distribution and easy mobility. Wheels are also lockable, to keep the unit safe while stationary.

Built from Scratch

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Request a Quote for your Perfect LapCabby

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