TabCabby 20-32V

Need a synchronization solution? Our TabCabby 20-32V and 32H Compact Charge & Sync models come fitted with Boost+ technology.

Our Charge & Sync models are able to store, charge and sync USB-powered tablets, allowing you to update devices of the same type all at once. You can even detach the Boost+ and use it away from your cart

If you’re looking for a tablet storage solution that ticks all the boxes, make the most of our TabCabby 20-32V and TabCabby 32H Compact by adding our Charge & Sync feature.

Visit the TabCabby Compact page or speak to your reseller for more information.

If you already own one of our TabCabby products and are now looking for synchronization functionality, the Boost+ is also available separately. You can even connect two of them together to synchronize up to 32 devices at once; find out more on the Boost+ product page.

The Charge & Sync upgrade is available on the TabCabby 20-32V and TabCabby 32H Compact

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Charge & Sync is available on the TabCabby 20-32V and the TabCabby 32H Compact