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1-Minute Review: AVerCharge C36i+ & LapCabby 32V

C36i+ Charging Station – AVerCharge

The AVerCharge C36i+ has adjustable slot dividers to allow the user to quickly charge as many as 36 tablets, Chromebooks or laptops up to 15 inch screen size vertically on pull-out shelves to make accessing and handling devices quick and easy for classrooms.

The steel construction protects devices with a 3-point locking system. Comes with two power output point on side of cart for flexible charging within the classroom and can power additional teaching tools such as printers or document cameras.

The C36i+ has a smart cable management system built in with newly improved clip-in dividers to securely lock and keep cables in place.

The warranty for this product is Avermedia’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which offers 10 years warranty for mechanical components and 5 years for electrical components.

Our Alternative:

LapCabby 10 Vertical

LapCabby 32V Charging Cart – LapCabby

Our alternative charging solution that’s specifically geared for multiple device charging is LapCabby’s 32 Vertical. No adjustment necessary, the shelves are built specifically to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes which saves time and ensures flexibility for possible future device upgrades.

The LapCabby Vertical is available in a range of different sizes, geared to charge and store from 10 devices to 32, up to 17 inches in screen size, in one, easy to move cart. The generous vertical shelves mean that the LapCabby can store devices with or without protective cases.

The LapCabby has also considered it’s total footprint, while large and robust enough to protect your device investment securely this unit comes specially designed with ergonomic handles, rounded corner bumpers and multi-directional, hospital grade, locking wheels to make movement between classrooms as smooth and simple as possible. The reinforced frame is cleverly designed to ensure quiet movement with no ‘rattle’ to ensure other classes are not disturbed when cart is transferred through echoey halls. 

The LapCabby has also been built from the ground up to best store and protect devices while in transit. The specially designed cable clips and cable portholes ensure no loose or untamed cables while the smooth slide-out shelves ensure easy access to devices. The fully welded steel frame allows for constant airflow meaning no need for a noisy fan. The LapCabby also comes fitted with a built-in heat sensor that will automatically shut off power if a device overheats or if the interior cart temperature reaches 32C/90F degrees to prevent any possible damage to devices and cables.

The LapCabby is fitted with a Power7 Management System that includes; soft start function measures the in-rush current and prevents overload during start-up by powering up each power strip in 1.5 second intervals; full power-up occurs within 6 seconds; simultaneous charging of all 40 devices; monitoring the current to ensure no over or under charging, and lastly; fuse protection against power surges and overloads. This is a sophisticated timer that can be set to constant charging, cycle charging and can be programmed to a charging schedule (3 schedules, 7 days a week). It’s easy to operate with instructional LED display screen and two push buttons to adjust charging requirements.

The LapCabby requires no installation, simply set up the charging cables using the easy cable management system in the power compartment and it’s ready to use, wheels, handles and shelves are already fitted – just plug in and go. There are also no forms to complete to enable the warranty – each LapCabby comes with a Lifetime Warranty as standard, no need to register or sign up.

For safety and security reasons the power compartment is separate to the main cabinet – a concealed level unlocks the rear power compartment to enable clear access when required but keeps unwanted little hands away from cables most of the time. The LapCabby 32 Vertical, like all LapCabby products, come with lifetime warranty to ensure full customer satisfaction, electric components are also covered for a full 5 years. LapCabby are also known for exceptional customer service and with over 30 years experience and a 24/7 customer support system in place.

The LapCabby 32 Vertical and AVerCharge C36i+ are very similarly priced.

Find out more information about our LapCabby solution here.



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  • User Code is any 6 digit single entry code that can be input to lock and unlock a single compartment, once unlocked the lock will reset ready for the next user
  • Technician Code is a factory default code to be reset upon first use to ensure security, this code allows access to any compartment if a User Code is forgotten
  • Master Code is a factory default code for each lock that will restore the digital lock back to factory its setting, removing access using any previous codes installed