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Blockchain technology to enhance supply chains

Blockchain technology may eventually disrupt how supply chains are managed but it will be for the better.  Currently some supply chain procedures are quite inefficient, as people are wasting about 40% of the food which is grown and produced.

The blockchain process will help to provide a team of people who will be able to effectively build trust and verify data. But if all blockchains are not created equally or without a strong plan in place then they run the risk of not being able to truly influence the supply chain procedure.

In order to improve food safety and to trace its influence, blockchain technology must be built specifically for enterprise, for real business with diverse engagements delivered across the industry.

If it’s done right, blockchain technology can make our lives easier. Currently the food safety and food supply are complex. We need to work with people who understand the processes in place and who understand what needs to be delivered using technology. As the next generation consumer will want to know the full history of where the food has been created.


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