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ICT Storage for Business

Fast paced companies and organisations demand technology to accelerate business performance. And as organisations purchase more and more devices – securing, charging and syncing them must not be overlooked.

LapCabby has a solution for any space or device – to protect your investment and ensure your workforce has devices that will drive your business.  


Boost charging mobile phones



Why LapCabby for Business

  • Ready to use devices  – every time
  • Storage for shared devices
  • Programmable charging schedules allowing safe and effective charging and enhance battery longevity
  • Intelligent charging to protect device battery
  • Syncing solutions – to free up IT Support resource
  • Solutions to charge and protect devices that need to travel
  • Lifetime warranty to deliver ROI
  • Integrated safety features to protect users and devices
  • Stringently tested to guarantee optimal health and safety compliance
  • Cost effective models and a lifetime warranty to deliver ROI

"The ease of use is a big selling point; they arrive fully assembled and installation is simple. They’re also extremely well made and easy to move."

- Terry Jackman, IT Head, Dixons City Academy in Bradford

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