Uplink upgrade

LapCabby Up-Link comes with a WiFi access point that allows the trolley to be plugged into a Local Area Network, creating a
wireless access point that can be used by the whole room.

Up-Link trolleys also utilise a Gigabit Network Switch and concealed Cat5e cabling. This allows devices to remain connected to the LAN even when they’re charging, meaning they can be updated remotely overnight.

Clever internal wiring gives a neat and tidy finish, and ventilated secure moulding protects against tampering while still allowing for easy access.
If you’d like to build in your own hardware choose our Ready 4 Uplink option. It lets you use hardware of your choice to provide all the same benefits.
LapCabby Up-Link is available as an upgrade to our 16V, 20V, 16H models at the time of purchase.

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Up-Link comes with a WiFi access point, creating a wireless access point for the whole room

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