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How to protect customer data in retail

More retailers are using chatbots and iPads to connect quickly with customers and make sales. This enables them […]

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7 ways technology benefits education

The future of education is heavily determined by the development of technology. More educators and teachers are understanding […]

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Top tips for picking your perfect LapCabby.

You probably know what mobile devices you need to store and charge, but you might be confused as […]

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How our Go2 Case will benefit healthcare.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from healthcare, it’s that nothing stays the same for very long. With […]

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The gender gap in finance is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Here at LapCabby we pride ourselves as being a gender equality workplace. The president of LapCabby is a […]

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Is working smarter, not harder, the key to the perfect work-life balance?

There is something to be said about finding some ‘headspace’ in the workplace. There are times when we […]

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