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7 ways technology benefits education

The future of education is heavily determined by the development of technology. More educators and teachers are understanding how EdTech tools can be used to engage students as opposed to distract them.

Technology can really aid a student’s learning and boost their capacity, productivity and performance. Many students across the globe are more inspired by the positive impact which technology has made to education, such as making it more interactive.

Here are 7 ways that technology supports education:

  1. Teaching is easier: projectors and mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks and tablets help deliver any instruction or lesson and students understand how knowledge is applied in practice.
  2. You can track students’ progress: Technology has aided many educators and teachers the power to use a variety of platforms and tools to record information/ achievements on students. This is often a safer and more reliant way of data recording.
  3. It is good for the environment: Using digital textbooks would help save trees and cut down on the use of paper.
  4. Students will enjoy learning: By integrating devices like iPads, Chromebooks and online presentations you can make the learning experience more interactive and interesting.
  5. Distance learning: Without the internet, people wouldn’t be able to access any type of information at the very moment they think of it. Distance learning is a very popular learning method that allows students to take control of their own learning.
  6. Information at your fingertips: Technology integration makes everything different and simpler. The access to online content is endless and students can write better as a result.
  7. Collaboration: Devices and online tools create a unique setting for students to engage in group work.

You might have the devices in place to integrate technology into education. But do you have the right solution in place to safely store and charge all these devices in the classroom?

Here at LapCabby we understand that devices such as laptops and Chromebooks can really help students to learn and to enjoy it. We have a wide range of charging solutions to suit any need and space. Check out our products here.

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